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Type Relay Socket
Bezza 2016-2017y A/M
Myvi (Icon) 2015-2017y A/M
Type Relay Socket
Saga 2016-2017y A/M
Persona 2016-2017y A/M
Ertiga 2016-2017y A
Type Relay Socket
NV 200 2012-2017y M
Navara 2015-2017y A/M

Start Switch Cutting System Immobilizer

An innovation works to prevent an accident, car engine cannot be started while uncer locked condition.


Traditional lock picking is impossible as the tumblers within the lock do not operate with the conventional up and down action, rather magnetically operated, which is activated by its magnetic oriented counterpart, found in its key.


Twins Lock uses a magnetic keyed lock mechanism that utilizes the North/South Poles combination to push or pull the locks internal tumblers. With the usage of different combinations of polarity, orientation and strengths of the magnet found at the edge of the key blade, the key is impossible to be duplicated just by sight or by coventional key cutting machines of locksmiths. Duplication of lost keys may only be made by manufacturer and only with the available security card of manufacturer's authorized personnel.


As the magnetic tumber pins within the lock is made of chrome nickel steel while the key is made of nickel silver, they are both resistant to wear and tear as well as tempering. Even after attempts of temper and prt or if the lock cylinder is broken, the lock still cannot be opened without the corresponding key. It is tested in accordance to EN 1303, the European Standard of a lock's.


Twins Lock's lock cylinder is made of a unique combination of metals and alloys, chrome nickel steel, which cannot be drilled through by everyday power drills unlike normal locks.